What is a Floor Buffer?


When it comes to securing the right type of equipment to use in buffing a floor, nothing works as well as a floor buffer. Designed to both clean and protect wood, marble, and linoleum floors, the floor buffer gently dislodges dirt and also leaves behind a glossy finish in the floor surface. Here are some of the characteristics of a quality floor buffer, including some guidelines for choosing the right floor buffer for home or business use. Floor buffers are usually employed along with some sort of a cleaning agent. It is not unusual for the liquid cleanser to be sprayed on a section of the floor just before the floor buffer is ran over the area. The cleaning agent will help to loosen dirt and grime from the surface of the floor, making the process of obtaining a clean and glossy floor much easier. The typical floor buffer will resemble an upright vacuum cleaner, although the body is usually more square and larger than the usual vacuum. Rotary brushes operate at speeds that are determin