What is a Fluid Coupling and its construction and operating principle?

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1 Answer

Fluidomat fluid couplings work on the hydrodynamic principle. It consists of a pump generally known as impeller and a turbine generally known as rotor, both enclosed suitably in a casing. The impeller and rotor is bowl shaped and have large number of radial vanes. They face each other with an air gap. The impeller is suitably connected to the prime mover while the rotor has a shaft bolted to it. This shaft is further connected to the driven machine through the suitable arrangement. Oil is filled in the fluid coupling from the filling plug provided on its body. A fusible plug is provided on the fluid coupling which blows off and drains out oil from the coupling in case of sustained overloading. There is no mechanical internal connection between the impeller and the rotor (i.e. driving and driven units) and the power is transmitted by virtue of the fluid filled in the fluid coupling. The impeller when rotated by the prime mover imparts the velocity and energy to the fluid which is ... more
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