What is a good 40 yard dash time for a 14 year old?

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1 Answer

everybody has to remember this kid is 14 ur comparing his time to college and pros to run a 5 flat at that age is good theres growing mean in great shape in the college ranks and pro rank that cant run that now at that speed also look some of the fastest guys in the pros still could get run down from behind think about this darrell green deion sanders these guys ran the same 40 with or with out pads on they also could run 60 yards at the same pace with out slowing down so practice with pads on its not always about how fast im in the 40 unless ur trying out for wr most running backs are not that fast just keep working at it if ur worried about it but also work at it with full pads on as well as your overall quickness and burst out the gate and the distance u can run that speed more
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