What is a good 40 yard dash time for someone going into 8th grade?

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1 Answer

Your 40 time is the best you can do. No one here knows your league, your team average in the 40, or your coaches expectations. You're in the 8th grade: learn your skill sets, get agile, and the rest will fall into place. I lead the league in sacks as a linebacker in high school and I was slow as molasses. By college I ran a 4.4 and stayed there (linebacker) for 5 years. Here's what you should worry about before you ever worry about your time in the 40. your keys, how to scrape or flex, how to shed blocks and defeat the double team, learn how to bust a fullback and take on the ball carrier, how to blitz and cut back against the grain, learn where the seams are, learn how to stunt effectively, learn standard tendencies, learn your zone responsibilities, learn how to read a quarterback, learn what Point of Attack means and where it takes place, learn how to tackle first...and how to assist. If you ever have to sprint 40 yards in a game you either FAILED in your job because you didn't ... more
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