What is a good crystal beast deck (yu-gi-oh)?

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1 Answer

If you want an advanced format deck use Hamon over Rainbow Dragon. I can make a deck-list from the top of my head for you. Experiment with it a little and make it your own. 3 Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth 3 Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat 3 Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle 3 Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus 3 Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger 2/3 Dragon Queen of Tragic Endings 2 Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder 3 Ancient City - Rainbow Ruins (Really helps cut down Damage) 2 Crystal Abundance 2 Crystal Beacon 2/3 Crystal Blessing 2/3 Crystal Release 1 Lightning Vortex 2 MST 1 Torrential Tribute (You -MUST- run this in a Crystal Beast deck) 3 Crystal Pair (Remember you can't activate the destroyed crystal beasts effect for this card to work, you still get a Waboku effect + a Continuous Spell Monster from your deck, though~) 1 Mirror Force (Structure Deck: Marik has a cheap one) There are various kinds of Crystal Beast decks, I believe this version is one of the stronger ones. (Others include a synchro ... more
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