What is a good name for a bridal shop?

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bridal nameThe name attached to the word "Bridal" is a common practice. Initials also work if you have a longer name. Anything over 7 letters or 2 syllables might be too easy to forget, but if it's a good fashion label sounding name, then it might be a good idea to market it.

Alternatively, you can use a term the elicits a feeling of feminen beauty or mystique. Images of princesses, fairy tales, and other popular references can help.

Some examples of successful bridal boutiques:

  • David's Bridal
  • Eden Bridals
  • Kleinfeld Bridal

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There's a place near me called Cinderella's, they do a lot of business because of their name. There's also one called The Bridal Garden. Or she could name it after herself or the town she lives in, or the street it's on. more
Many bridal shops in my area are just someones name. For example, Maria's Bridal Shoppe, Smith's Bridal or Grace's Dress Shop. I would go simple with the name. If you name it something too whimsical, you could turn people off. more

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