What is a GPS Ankle Bracelet?

ankle bracelet GPS

A GPS ankle bracelet uses satellite technology to keep track of where an Order of Protection offender is at all times. In Illinois, someone who violates an Order of Protection may have the option to wear a GPS ankle bracelet instead of going to jail. How does the GPS ankle bracelet work? By keeping track of where the offender is, the GPS ankle bracelet will automatically send notification to the court, the offender and law enforcement personnel if the offender breaks the Order of Protection. The victim will be notified when the offender is within 2500 feet of any protected address that is listed on the Order of Protection. If the victim is carrying their own battery operated GPS device, they can also be notified by cell phone if the offender is within 2500 feet of them. Law enforcement will also be notified of the violation. The ankle bracelet is battery operated and can only be able to be removed with a screwdriver. The offender would have to charge the battery twice a day for two hou