What is a Grille Guard and what is the Purpose?

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A grille guard is a chrome or steel looking device on the front of a truck. Grille guards are normally made from stainless steel, chrome, powder coated steel, or aluminum. The purpose of the grille guard is obviously to protect your grille. However, grille guards also provide your truck with a great look. Beyond this, grille guards serve numerous other purposes and here are some of those purposes: * Grille guards protect your grille * Grille guards also protect your front bumper * Grille guards can also be purchased in a larger form that extends out and provides protection to your headlights and other lights. The main purpose of grille guards is to provide your truck with protection. Grille guards not only provide you truck with protection, but they can also provide the occupants of the truck with protection. A lot of insurance companies will provide discounts to individuals who have grille guards on the truck because it lessens the damage. The Installation of a Grille Guard If you ...
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