What is a Junior Idol?

IDOL Junior

The “Junior Idol” classification was created in the Japanese Media Industry back in 2000 to compliment the existing Gravure (Image Model) market by featuring younger models to fill the demand for such materials. Q: What are the ages of Junior Idols? Back A: The Junior Idol market is broken up into two age groups: U-13 : Ages 8-13 U-15 : Ages 13-15 Q: What is on your average Junior Idol? DVD? Back A: Generally, a Junior Idol Image Video DVD is a hour long Cosplay (Costume Play) video with the featured model modelling Swimsuits,School Uniforms, Bikini’s & Casual Wear against varied location shots. Q: Are these DVD’s legal in North America? Back A: Yes & No. None of the videos sold actually contain any nude scenes or any sexual material. However due to the current legal definitions concerning child exploitation & pornography, a video may be considered borderline Child pornography if camera angles and length of the camera pans on the model’s genital areas is prolonged. Junior Idol Videos p