What is a major and minor subdivision?

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A major subdivision is when three (3) or more lots are created. In the case of a major subdivision a hard surfaced road built to Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) standards is required. Major subdivision plats have to be approved by the Planning Commission. A minor subdivision is when only two (2) lots are created (including the parent parcel). A fifty (50) access easement is required for access. Minor subdivision plats can be approved by staff. • What is a family subdivision? A family subdivision is when a parcel of land is transferred from one family member to another for the purpose of providing for the housing for the grantee. The minimum lot size for a family division is 2-acres. Additionally, no previous transfer under this provision has been granted to the grantee in this County. The property transferred cannot be subsequently transferred to non-family member for a period of five (5) years. • What is a Site Plan? A document prepared by an engineer, licensed by the ... more
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