What is a Master Wholesale Distributor?

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1 Answer

Visit our extensive Q & A Section Answer: A Master Wholesale Distributor is a privately owned mass supplier to the dealers. The master distributor has massive buying power and stocks each electronics item in large quantities Most wholesale electronics master distributors here in the USA sell at the same "dealer price" that the actual manufacturer does. The master distributors function is to supply the electronics goods at a closer proximity without a price increase to the licensed dealer. Keep in mind, picking up your products direct from the wholesale distributor will save your company $$$. Simply search for the distributors in your state after completion of your membership. You will save tons on shipping by picking up the orders yourself. There are over 160+ massive 50,000 SQ Foot wholesale electronics warehouses across the United States. Chances are there are many near you. Remember, the Wholesale Master Distributors only sell to licensed retailers, dealers, internet sellers, etc. ... more
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