What is a Money Consciousness?

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Your money consciousness is how you think, believe and feel about money. People with a prosperity consciousness know that there is a limitless supply and all they have to do is receive their share. They trust there will always be enough to fulfill their needs and desires. Because they know there's enough for everyone, people with a prosperity consciousness rarely hoard anything. Giving, loving, and sharing are easy for those who are in the prosperity consciousness because they're never afraid that there isn't enough. A scarcity consciousness is the opposite of a prosperity consciousness. People with a scarcity consciousness never have enough and are afraid of losing whatever they own. They feel needy, deprived and inadequate. Fear of the future, stinginess and hoarding are all characteristics of a scarcity consciousness. One day, I was speaking to a 65 year-old woman who was worried about her future. She had received $200,000 when she sold her house four years before and had used up ... more
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