What is a multi-age /multi-grade class?

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1 Answer

A multi-age class at MPI is composed of children of a three-year age span or two grade levels. This classroom structure gives each child opportunities to associate and work with others on the basis of skills, abilities, interests, personality, and age. When the age range among a group of children is increased, so is the range of development. Children see themselves more realistically as they come to appreciate the diversity of talents, skills, and abilities of their classmates. Teachers in multi-age classes see the differences and diversity among students' strengths and learning styles as complementary. Teachers have a two-year period to work with each child and help individuals through developmental stages of learning, often much more effectively than a child moving from one teacher to another each year. Older students who have been in the classroom an additional year understand the class procedures better and can help the younger learners adjust more easily. Class placement is ... more
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