What is a Negotiated Tender?

negotiated tender

Negotiated Tender is the recommended choice of tendering once your Designer have a shortlist of preferred builders. You should also aim for the quality execution of the design. (Ie. it is an overkill for a speculative Unit development, where a builder would tend to submit simple figures not well detailed – in the extreme I call this a Single Sum Tender.) Depending on the size of the job, usually 2-3 builders should be on the short list who will then submit a tender for a predetermined brake down. This is important so you will compare apples with apples. Next you sit down with the selected tenderer to see how much you can make the figures better. This is also the good time to have a feel for how much control on the costs you will really have once construction starts. Good builders at this stage ususally have very useful suggestions for cost reduction changes. Here your Designer should be able to help you decide what proposed changes are acceptable. Some related documents might need to b