What is a pen and pencil holder?

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A pen and pencil holder does just what it implies; it holds pens and pencils. Although a box or a bag can also hold pencils and pens, a pen and pencil holder usually refers to a cylinder-shaped container in which the writing instruments are placed upright. A pen and pencil holder can be bought at an upscale store and made from the finest materials, or it can be as simple as peeling the label off of a washed food can and using it to hold pens and pencils. A pen and pencil holder is also sometimes called a pen and pencil cup. A favorite coffee cup that's too chipped or worn to use to drink out of can make a great pen and pencil holder. You can also buy coffee mugs from second hand stores to use for this purpose. Really, small vases or bowls can also work. You just have to use your imagination. For a fun, quick craft on a rainy day, let kids make their own pen and pencil holder from a clean food can. Just make sure no sharp edges are left behind from the can opener. Some colored paper ... more
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