What is a Petit and Fritsen handbell?

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1 Answer

Petit and Fritsen is a foundry in Holland that has produced handbells for a number of years. According to the definition of "What is an 'English' handbell," the Dutch bell can be classified as an "English" handbell. It meets the qualifications of handle, clapper assembly, retaining springs, etc. and it is rung in hand. However, the Dutch bell is tuned differently from those manufactured in England and the United States. The second tuned overtone is the minor third an octave higher (the 10th), rather than the major (perfect) 12th, which gives the Dutch bell a distinct tone, more similar to the tone of a tower bell than to the other handbells. This difference in tuning causes serious conflicts with harmonic structure when played at the same time as bells manufactured in Great Britain and the United States. At times, the P & F bells within a set appear to be out of tune and may cause false tones to be percieved. I recall vividly correcting a bass ringer, hearing a Bb 4 in the key of C. ...
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