What is a power vent water heater?

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1 Answer

A power vent water heater uses room air for combustion and has a fan for the exhaust vent. The powered exhaust prevents backdrafting, improves fuel efficiency and provides greater flexibility in location of the heater.OperationAn oil-fired or natural gas hot water heater draws combustion air for the burners from either inside the house or outside via a vent pipe through a sidewall. The exhaust flue gases must be expelled up a chimney or out horizontally through an adjacent wall.Power VentA power vent heater draws combustion air for the burners from inside the house. It has a small electric-powered blower to expel burnt flue gases and create a slight vacuum to pull air into the combustion chamber.ApplicationsA power vent water heater is recommended by the Iowa Energy Center for houses with air-tight construction, if the flue is extremely long and if the heater is located in an air-conditioned space. The necessity of a vertical through-the-roof vent is eliminated since the exhaust can ...
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