What is a subscription account?

account subscription

A Subscription Account allows your institution to deposit funds with SOLINET. Similar in function to a debit account, a subscription account accepts deposits on an annual, semiannual, quarterly or monthly basis. It is your account, your money, and what is left at the end of the year is still yours, unlike the “use it or lose it” risk associated with government funding. Your funds are maintained in a special account, and you can easily review your balance. You will receive a monthly Subscription Account Statement detailing the activity.


A subscription account can be described as a mini-TAT with a simplified proposal process. A subscription account is for work with a period of performance less than one year and generally less than $100,000. A Work Plan signed by the client and the CBRNIAC COTR is required along with a ROM. Subscription accounts are awarded in about 2-3 weeks. Examples of a subscription account would be for a single test event, an in-depth inquiry, or as a stop-gap measure between an expiring TAT and its follow-on.

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