What is a sugar momma?


A sugar momma, or mama, is a wealthy, attractive older woman who often attracts the attention of younger men, especially those eager to work their way into her confidence as a boyfriend or plaything.Sugar Mama ClassificationAccording to Dr. Diana Kirschner of Psychology Today, the traditional sugar mama is classified as a cougar, a term used to describe women in their 40s and 50s who often date young men.What’s Expected of a Sugar MamaAskmen.com considers a sugar mama to be the female counterpart of a sugar daddy, whose typical characteristics are buying expensive dinners for females, spoiling them with luxurious clothes and vacations and paying for anything that enhances the relationship. A sugar mama does the same thing, except younger men are their recipients.Sugar Mama CareerNot all sugar mamas inherit their wealth. According to Jennifer Foughner of Mademen.com, a girlfriend might be a sugar mama if she has a vital position in the corporate world and displays the go-getter attitude