What is a sugar tong splint?

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According to the Skylark Medical Center’s website, the sugar tong splint gained its name because of the splint’s resemblance to the sugar tongs used to remove cubes of sugar from a bowl.SplintsSplints and casts are used to immobilize injured limbs, allowing faster healing. Motion can interrupt the healing process of injuries and delay the healing of fractured bones.TypesThere are two commonly used types of sugar tong splints: the short arm sugar tong splint and the short leg sugar tong splint.Short ArmThe short arm sugar tong splint is used for fractures of the wrist and distal radius and ulna fractures. The short arm version limits flexion of the wrist and elbow but still allows swelling by allowing some movement of the injured area.Short LegThe short leg sugar tong splint is used to limit movement in the ankle when a fracture has occurred. The sugar tong splint is not as good at limiting movement in the ankle as a cast.ProblemsAs the sugar tong splint is a plastered bandage splint, t