What is a Tflop/s, GB/s, Gup/s and usec?

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Tflop/s is a rate of execution - trillion (ten to the 12th power) of floating point operations per second. Whenever this term is used it will refer to 64-bit floating point operations and the operations will be either addition or multiplication (a fused multiply/add is counted as two floating point operations). GB/s stands for Giga (ten to the 9th power) bytes per second and is a unit of bandwidth - a rate of transfer of data between the processor and memory and also over the network. Two types of measurements may be reported for network bandwidth: per CPU and accumulated (for all nodes). Gup/s is short for Giga updates per second. An update is the basic operation performed by RandomAccess benchmark: read an integer from memory, change it in the processor, and write it back to memory. The location of read and write is the same by each time is selected at random. Therefore, there is no relation between Gup/s and GB/s because the latter implicitly refers to contiguous transfers. Such ... more
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