What Is a Tortuous Aorta?

aorta tortuous

A tortuous aorta is an aorta with anatomical abnormalities which cause it to be distorted in shape or path. Some people have a tortuous aorta and experience no ill health effects as a result of their slightly unusual anatomy, while others can experience complications. This condition can be diagnosed with the use of medical imaging studies which reveal the structure of the aorta and other blood vessels in the body. Such studies may be performed for unrelated reasons, or because a doctor suspects that a patient has an aorta abnormality. The aorta is the largest blood vessel in the body. It carries freshly oxygenated blood out of the heart so that it can be distributed to the circulatory system. In most people, the aorta follows a relatively straight path. In people with tortuous aorta, the vessel may be twisted or distorted. This can cause blockages in blood flow, leading to medical complications as a result of poor circulation.