What is a TPR Sole?

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What is a TPR Sole?

Lin Da


TPR tecknicaly named Thermo Plastic Rubber.
The TPR sole is the most common material.
But in daily life, many people are not sure if this part of your shoes is what we call the TPR material, then I will teach you the recipe for the most simple way to identify.
To clarify the TPR must first distinguish different outsole material area. Such as PVC and PU or rubber, and so on.
1, there are a lot of people can not tell the PVC and TPR soles, in fact, these two materials are very easy to recognize, PVC material sole holding in his hand heavier than TPR TPR material sole flexibility better than PVC, the easiest method is that the soles Kennedy took naturally falling down, bounced TPR soles of PVC material TPR cheaper, but the quality is not good, especially in the winter, it is easy to break at the end.
2 Identify rubber sole is also very simple more…

TPR stands for Thermo Plastic Rubber. Thermo Plastic Rubber is one of the latest technologies used to create mold-injected soles, including polymers and high tech resins. This sole offers superior comfort to ordinary die cut soles, because it is flexible like a traditional leather sole but also washable and more durable.

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