What is a voucher book and why do I need one?

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1 Answer

Voucher books are printed by the Missouri Department of Revenue (department) as a courtesy for taxpayers to use when filing their state tax payments. If you are filing estimated individual income tax, or business taxes (retail sales tax, employer withholding tax, estimated corporate tax payments, or tire/lead-acid battery fees), you may receive a preprinted voucher book to report taxes. The preprinted vouchers are easy for taxpayers to use and assist the department to accurately process tax payments. The vouchers contain a “scan line” that allows the return to be run through a remittance processor. The remittance processor uses an optical reader to decipher and understand the figures that you, the taxpayer, have indicated on your return. This processing allows the information to be sent directly to your account without key-entry errors. The remittance processor reads the “scan line” on the voucher to know what account and location the figures should be applied to, providing us with a ...
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