What is Additive Manufacturing?

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What is Additive Manufacturing?

Jim Smith

It’s not a real word/term.


Its another way of expressing 3D Printing.Unlike mass manufacturing (deductive manufacturing), where pieces are cut from raw materials and assembled into the final product, Additive manufacturing (3D printing) makes objects by adding materials layer by layer.

Applications in the Medical Field

One of the greatest benefits of 3D printing has been experienced through its facilitation of organ transplants in the medical field. Scientists now Use 3D Printing to Create Artificial Organs that can be used in transplants to help needy patients.

Heightened Defense Systems 3D printing can immensely improve defense systems by helping to create complex weaponry. Defense experts claim that the technology can for example be used to create weapons so small that are almost impossible to detect

Quick Organ Transplants Artificial Limbs After the success of creating some organs and structures via 3D printing, scientists are now working on how to create artificial limbs using the technology.

Cheap Products Widespread adaptation and application of 3D printing will in the near future reduce the prices of products substantially, by eliminating the need to ship items thus the need to pay for shipping charges.

Fiska Po

Additive manufacturing (AP) is also common name 3D printing – a group of technological methods for the production of products and prototypes, based on the gradual addition of material to the base in the form of a flat platform or axial blank.


There are videos on YouTube explain what it is if you put what is Additive Manufacturing?

its name to describe the technologies that build 3d object’s