What is an Activist?

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An activist is someone who takes action in support of or opposition to a cause. Activism can take a range of forms, from writing letters to government representatives to organizing boycotts. Some activists engage in radical or even illegal activity to further their ends, while others prefer to stay within the boundaries of the law to win more supporters to their causes. Every time someone writes a letter to the editor, educates a friend about an issue, or phones an elected official, he or she is participating in activism. People have been practicing activism for centuries with the goal of social and political change. Jesus Christ, for example, is considered an activist by some, thanks to His radical preaching and fearless approach to social reform. At various times in history, being an activist has been quite dangerous, as activism was equated with dangerous political dissent, making people who spoke out targets for persecution. At other times, activism has been tolerated or even ... more
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"Myth: Only protestors are activists. Reality: Anyone can be an activist. An activist is someone who takes action to make things better." (activism.ca) (other definitions: Wikipedia | Cambridge 2 | Google Definitions 2 | more below...) How to be an Activist... An introduction and portal to activism, education, community involvement, and social change. Guides | Courses | Types | Lexicon | Forums | Themes | Quotes | More (a P&PF Gateway & Guide) Guides, Resources & Articles How to be an Activist by Elizabeth May (article) (2) & How to Save the World in Your Spare Time (book) (2) Ten Commandments for Changing the World, by Tooker Gomberg & Angela Bischoff Activist Toolkit, from The Activist magazine 101 Ways to Stop the War, by Guy Dauncey Citizen's Handbook, by Charles Dobson with articles by Ralph Nader, Robert Putnam and others Preparing for a Campaign, by Mary O'Brien (PDF format) Advocacy Toolkit, from DisAbled Women's Network Activist Tool Kit, from Peace, Earth & Justice News ... more
Activists are people who seek to create positive change. But not all people who work for change define themselves as activists. A person who speaks out at their workplace about unsafe practices, or somebody who refuses to buy a tram ticket as a personal protest against privatisation, may not see themselves as activists, yet these actions could be seen as political 'activism'. It is important to go beyond the stereotypes of activists' that are often deliberately generated to discredit and marginalise people who protest. This site recognises that activism includes the positive and courageous actions of ordinary people in their daily lives. We have chosen not to use the word 'protestor' for this site as activists generally do a lot more than just protest'. Activists may be forming radical co-operatives, working within universities and schools to educate others, working through the legal system or government to create institutional changes, maintaining cultural practices and music as an ...
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Support the Associates as an Activist and you make possible ActNow, our web-based action page at www.thenation.com/actnow. ActNow puts readers in touch with projects and campaigns that offer creative ways to advance a compassionate, progressive agenda. Each week when ActNow is updated, we'll e-mail you (or someone you designate) an exclusive Activist Alert. All Associates, regardless of the size of their gift, receive our biannual newsletter (a look behind-the-scenes of The Nation), our special book discounts, help in locating or starting a discussion group in your area, and invitations to get-togethers of Nation writers, editors & staff.
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The term 'activist' includes all members who have agreed to take on an identified role in the RCN. RCN activists are vital to the successful working of the RCN in whatever role they take on. As an activist you can make a difference to nurses, nursing and your professional development. There are a number of different types of roles, which are outlined here. more

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