What is an Ad hoc Project?

AD hoc project

An Ad hoc Project involves work that requires less than three FTE months to complete and has immediate benefits. The work may involve frequent discussions between client (requester) and CPHST scientist. Ad hoc Projects address issues where the science is mature and technology can be transferred to operations/ programs with little modification. Examples of Ad hoc Projects include answering a specific question of limited scope, developing an operational protocol and fine tuning off-the-shelf technology. Ad hoc Projects involve in-house work only; Ad hoc Project requests are not intended to support projects beyond the expertise of CPHST scientists or scope-of-work undertaken within CPHST.


AD hoc projects are the projects sepecially designed for to solve a particular problem . It consists of all the factors and issues analysis that are related to the particular problem . These projects when designed cannot be used for solving other problems with looks similar .These are generally very ridgit to their protocol and cannot function with other inputs other then assigned inputs that were used while designing them .In-short they are not modifyable. Managing the project with project management templates or tools which are configurable implies the same concept of following the protocol of the set input.