What is an agricultural occupancy clause?

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The answer given by 'engineer' is correct but, as ever, there are related matters that may be of interest to you. There is specific provision in Planning Law, guidance, notes, the statutes relating to the Green Belt etc.etc. that allow the construction of new, or the conversion of existing buildings as dwellings for agricultural workers. The landowner must prove the need by demonstrating that no other suitable accomodation is available, that appropriate workers are habitualy employed in agricultural work on his property etc. etc. Once granted the order is wholly restrictive, i.e. if space becomes available due to change of use of the land or for any other reason the dwellings cannot be used or let to others. The only way you could use a property that has an agricultural use permission is to have that permission set aside. This is not easy and will be expensive. You have to demonstrate that not only do you have no further use for the dwellings in connection with agriculture but that ... more
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