What is an ascending or descending note?

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1 Answer

These notes have serial numbers that decrease or increase sequentially. [1234567, 9876543, 0987654]. Examples of a combined ascending/descending serial numbers are [7654567, 1234321, 3456543]. • What are matching serial numbers? This is where different denominations of notes have the same serial number. You may have a ten and a twenty that have the serial numbers: [AIT2587743 and GPR2587743]. • What is a consecutive numbered note? Fairly common, where two or more notes are in sequential order. [ex: GPA8045777, GPA8045778, GPA8045779, etc]. These notes aren't too valuable but its up to you if you want to collect them. • What is a high/low note? These notes are the lowest or highest notes found by someone in circulation. Check the high/low pages at http://www.cdnpapermoney.com/Lists/lists.htm. • What do you mean by 'error note'? The Bank of Canada prints a lot of notes and sometimes things happen. A note can be cut wrong, or sometimes a crease during printing will leave the note ... more
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