What is an effective home remedy for severe psoriasis?

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Psoriasis can be a painful condition. A qualified physician should always treat advanced cases. However, there are some ways to treat milder cases with a range of home remedies. Here are some examples of home remedies for psoriasis that work quite well in some situations.

One of the things about psoriasis is that the condition makes the skin dry, with a predilection toward flaking and itching. Using some sort of application that will help provide moisture for the skin will go a long way in helping with the condition. Lactic acid moisturizers that are purchased over the counter at the drugstore can work very well. Bag balm and cow cream can be applied after a shower, while the skin is still relatively supple and moist. Also, garlic oil that is rubbed into the dry patch before bedtime can help keep down the itching and also moisten the skin. Essentially, anything that can be used as an emollient will do the trick. This means you can use a dab of petroleum jelly rubbed into the skin, or even vegetable shortening.

Getting relief for psoriasis may be as simple as making some diet changes, applying a natural oil on a consistent basis to the dry skin, and trying out some different herbs as a way to keep your skin healthy and supple. With a little patience, an effective regimen of home remedies for psoriasis can be used to keep the condition under control, and greatly improve the quality of life for the psoriasis sufferer.

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