What is an End User Digest?

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1 Answer

If email messages addressed to you were sent to the Quarantine, you will receive an email notification, called an End User Digest (or Digest), in your mail box. The Digest provides you with a list of the messages addressed to you that are stored in the Quarantine. You can look at the message subject headers to determine their content and as a result what actions you want to apply to the messages. You may also elect to receive an empty Digest, which is simply an email message indicating that you have no messages in the Quarantine. You may want to receive a Digest even if it doesn't contain any messages, so you can continue to manage certain aspects of your email. In order to receive the empty digest, you must click on "Manage My Account" within a digest which will take you to your account settings on the ProofPoint server. What do the options in the Digest mean? There are various options within a digest. Here is a brief explanation for each: • Request New End User Digest • This will ...
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