What is an equivalent dwelling unit?

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1 Answer

Equivalent Dwelling Units (EDU’s) are units of measure that standardize all land use categories (housing, retail, office, food service, etc.) to the level of demand created by one single-family dwelling unit. EDU’s are commonly utilized by utilities to calculate monthly service charges for users connected to a wastewater treatment system. EDU’s are computed in accordance with the probable demand that a user places on the wastewater treatment system by assignment of an equivalency factor. The probable flow rate demand that a user places on a wastewater treatment system is correlated to the demand expected by a single-family dwelling by the use of equivalency factors. See the Ottawa County Sewer District Rules and Regulations, Table “A” of Equivalency Factors and Categories for specific details. In addition, capital improvement assessment policies will commonly utilize EDU’s to calculate and determine a property owner’s financial contribution to a capital improvement project; as well ... more
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