What is an IIM account?

account iim

An IIM account is an “Individual Indian Money” account for trust funds held by the Secretary of the Interior that belong to a person who has an interest in trust assets. These accounts are under the control and management of the Secretary. Does every Osage tribal member have an IIM account? No. Osage tribal members who do not have a headright interest or do not receive income from an individual trust or restricted asset do not have IIM accounts. Does every Osage headright holder have an IIM account? No. There are Osage tribal members with headright interests who do not have IIM accounts. If a person is an Osage Nation member and a headright holder but not an IIM account holder, can that person get an IIM account? Yes. The Superintendent of the Osage Agency has discretion to revoke the competency status of any Osage individual, regardless of blood quantum, and qualify the individual to receive an IIM account. What are the roles of the political branches of Osage Nation government – the

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