What is an order to show cause for remedial contempt?

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1 Answer

An order to show cause for remedial contempt is another type of request to the court for help in enforcing an order. Upon submission of a properly filed request, a hearing will be scheduled. You and the other parent each will present evidence you may have to support your positions. If the court finds that the other parent has, without good reason, failed to follow a court order, that person will be deemed to be in contempt. The court then will decide what sanctions are appropriate, such as a payment to compensate for loss, imprisonment up to six months in jail, a fine of up to $2,000 for each day the contempt continues, or anything else the court finds appropriate. The sanction will not happen right away, however. The court is required to give the other parent a last chance to start obeying the court order (and often make up for the past failure to abide by the order). This opportunity is called the purge. If the parent does not satisfy the purge conditions, however, then the ... more
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