What is “ap flour”?


Should I use dark brown sugar or light brown sugar when a recipe calls for brown sugar? You can use either, or opt for the middle ground of golden brown sugar. Darker sugar will have a slightly stronger flavor, but there will not be a huge difference if you opt for one over the other. Choose your favorite or what you have on hand. If your store, or your area in general, only caries plain “brown sugar” with no dark/light modifiers, that is fine to use, too. Content Questions Do you own all those pots, pans, books and foodie gadgets that you feature? I have lots and lots of kitchen gadgets and cookbooks, but I don’t own every single item that appears on the site. If I did, I’d definitely need a much bigger kitchen. Mine is overflowing as it is because I do have a lot of stuff. For items I don’t already own, I check out and test all kinds of things at kitchen stores, bookstores, friends’/relatives’ houses, restaurants and anywhere else I find them. I love to see what new books and gadgets