What is Belmont Mall?

Belmont Mall

The Belmont Mall Studio is John’s recording studio. Belmont is an extremely small southern-Indiana town.It’s located about 10 miles outside of Bloomington and consists of two Belmont signs on a state highway, one mile apart, with about 10 buildings in between. The studio is not located on the highway, and to protect John’s privacy, the location will not be posted here. The album Uh Huh was recorded in a mobile recording truck at his sister’s unfinished house. After that, John decided he wanted his own recording studio. So he bought a house in the Belmont area, and converted it into a recording studio and a small office area. Since 1985, starting with Scarecrow, all of his albums have been recorded there. With the exception of when he’s recording or being interviewed, John is rarely in the studio. It is staffed by a handful of people who take care of John’s business dealings. When time permits, the staff there also deals with John’s fan mail and autograph requests. The mail is sorted th