What is BIG4books.com Online Accounting Software all about?

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1 Answer

BIG4books.com delivers general purpose small business accounting software, as a service over the internet. This is generally known as SAAS ( software as a service ) in the industry. In the case of accounting and bookeeping software, this service is also known as Online Small Business Accounting Software, Web Based Accounting Software, Simple Small Business Accounting Software, and other descriptive names. With our method of software delivery, users do not have to assume the costs involved in owning and deploying a small business accounting software package on their own server. The costs avoided include initial purchase, owning and operating a server to run the accounting software, managing and purchasing accounting software updates, performing system backup and restore, the energy cost to run the server, and others. Beyond the direct financial costs, you avoid the risk of data loss due to viruses and other malware infecting your local computer. more
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