What is Biodegradable Furniture?

biodegradable furniture

What is Biodegradable Furniture?


Biodegradable furniture is designed to break down when exposed to environmental elements, such as sunlight and rain. Furniture was once made to last for centuries. However, today’s furniture usually doesn’t carry the same longevity. It is inexpensively made and often lasts less than 10 years. Short-lived, expendable furniture has become a problem for the environment, because it is made from plastics and other elements that are not biodegradable. This furniture clogs up landfills.

Is Biodegradable Furniture the Solution?

An alterative to this problem is biodegradable furniture. Like modern furniture, it is designed to be consumable. It is often made from cardboard, paper, and other natural elements that break down and decompose back into the earth. Biodegradable furniture can be added to your compost pile and return to soil quickly. Once this biodegradable furniture has worn out it’s usefulness it can become garden compost!

Possible Disadvantages of Biodegradable Furniture

Opponents of biodegradable furniture argue that rather than making furniture that decomposes quickly, manufacturers should return to making furniture that is durable and lasts a significant amount of time. Some also question the durability and sturdiness of biodegradable furniture. Although it probably isn’t as durable as solid wood, few pieces of furniture today are actual crafted from solid wood. Environmentally friendly furniture is constructed in a way that is surprisingly durable. In addition to purchasing biodegradable furniture, there are tutorials available online to learn how to make your own at home from used paper and cardboard. Waste can essentially be turned into furniture in your home, the ultimate in upcycling. Also, if you doubt compostable furniture can’t be beautiful, here are a few examples of environmentally friendly furniture made from cardboard.

Environmentally Friendly Cardboard ChairCompostable Furniture and Biodegradable FurnitureCardboard Biodegradable Furniture


Biodegradable furniture is furniture which is designed to break down naturally after its lifetime is over, rather than taking up space in a landfill. By its nature, biodegradable furniture is also better for the environment to produce, since it does not involve the use of toxic chemicals and synthetic materials, as these would make the furniture less likely to biodegrade quickly. A number of companies, including top designers, make biodegradable furniture, and it is available from ecologically oriented home supply stores. There are several ideas behind the concept of biodegradable furniture. In the first place, it acknowledges the fact that people tend to discard furniture after it stops looking good, or when they redesign a room and find that their furniture no longer works in that room. With conventional furniture, discards usually make their way slowly to landfills, often with a stop at a used furniture store or on a battered porch first. Once furniture reaches a landfill, it slowly


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