What is Blue Lotus?


Blue lotus goes by several names, such as the blue lily, Egyptian blue lily, sacred lily, and narcotic lily. The scientific name for blue lotus is Nymphaea caerulea. According to hieroglyphics and very early papyrus scrolls uncovered in ancient Egypt, Nymphaea caerulea was used in religious rites and rituals. This would indicate its use as an entheogen—a plant or chemical substance taken to enhance a primary religious experience. When Tutankhamen’s body was unearthed in 1922 it was covered in blue lotus flowers, demonstrating the importance in ritual that the blue lotus played in ancient Egyptian life. There can be some confusion regarding Nymphaea caerulea and its more common names, including blue lotus. Nymphaea caerulea belongs to the water-lily family. Understandably, when some people refer to Nymphaea caerulea they call it the “blue lily”. However, there is another plant already named the blue lily (Agapanthus africanus). Besides the fact that they are both blue, they are not the