What is cardamom and where can i get it?

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you can get it ground or in pods at most supermarkets or stores that sell herbs and spices Cardamom is the name for a plant species and its seeds which is native to India and Southeast Asia. Cardamom belongs to the family Zingiberaceae. True cardamom is classified as Elettaria cardamomum. It grows to about 10 feet (3m) in height. Cardamom has large leaves and white flowers with blue stripes and yellow borders. The fruit is a small capsule with 8 to 16 brown seeds. The seeds are used as a spice and the plant itself is a perennial herb. It has a fleshy and thick rootstock with flowering stems that extend 6 to 12 feet (1.83 to 3.6m) high. Cardamom is pungent and aromatic. It was first used in India and was probably imported into Europe around A.D. 1214. Today, it is cultivated in Sri Lanka, Nepal, India, Central America, Thailand, Guatemala and Mexico. Cardamom is typically sold in seed pods, or with the seeds removed from the pods (decorticated) or with the seeds ground to a powder, ... more
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