What is Cause & Effect of Juvenile Delinquency?

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Juvenile Crime Arrest records indicate that the majority of crime committed in the United States is associated with youths more than any other demographic. Year after year, files from the Uniform Crime Reporting Program show that young people from their early teens to their early 20s account for the bulk of reported street crime. These offenses range from homicide to minor drug charges. Criminologists have long warned that if things don't soon change, we could see a major youth-fueled crime wave in America. Cause: Rational Choice Theory Criminologists are fairly divided when it comes to determining the causes of juvenile crime. Those who espouse the rational choice theory believe that the individual is responsible for himself, and blame can't be put on other environmental factors. Backers of this theory believe most juvenile delinquents and other criminals assess the possible crime, weight the costs and benefits, and make the decision they feel provides the best reward-to-risk ratio. ... more
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