What is Chemical Restraint, CMS vs. TJC?

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1 Answer

• CMS does not prohibit the use of drugs/medications as restraint. But if used as such must meet all restraint requirements. • TJC considers chemical restraint an ‘inappropriate’ use of medication. This is different from CMS. • CMS does not use the term Chemical Restraint (not in CoP) but considers it equivalent to 'Drugs used as restraint' • As such, TJC has a more restrictive (not allowing Chemical restraint) definition. • Whenever there is a difference, the more restrictive/higher standard is to be applied. • Therefore, TJC-accredited hospitals must go with the more stringent standard See additional details below: As per TJC: Comprehensive Accreditation Manual for Hospitals: The Official Handbook CAMH Update 2, September 2006 Glossary – Page GJ – 21 Restraint: Any method (chemical or physical) of restricting a patient’s freedom of movement, including seclusion, physical activity, or normal access to his or her body that (1) is not a usual and customary part of a medical diagnostic ...
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