What is Chunnel Train and How to Travel From London to Paris and Nice by Train?

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Western Europe is known for its highly efficient rail network. There are many high-speed trains in this area that have made the transport easier and fast. Most famous trains include Eurostar, Thalys, ICE, Lunea and many more. Fares for these trains are highly affordable and time taken by travelling these trains is much lesser than other contemporary travel options. Chunnel Train (Channel Tunnel Train): Chunnel Train is the name given to the famous Eurostar train that runs between London to Paris, London to Brussels and to other major destination like Disneyland, Lille etc in Paris. Why Chunnel Train? Chunnel i.e. Channel Tunnel is the 50 km long tunnel beneath The English Channel. This tunnel connects London to Paris and Brussels. As Eurostar is the only passenger train that operates from London to Paris/Brussels through this Channel Tunnel, so it is also known as Chunnel Train. History of Channel Tunnel and Importance The plan of Channel Tunnel was first proposed in year 1975. ... more
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