What is Clarity Enhancing and how does it affect diamond prices?

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Clarity Enhancing is a high pressure/high temperature process in which a clear, colorless synthetic material is forced into visible internal imperfections in a diamond to make them invisible to the unaided eye. This process is a permanent treatment that results in a diamond's clarity grade being raised from an Imperfect grade (visible, noticeable imperfections) to an SI or VS grade, wherein imperfections are no longer visible to the unaided eye. A diamond's body color, or color grade, is not affected by this process. Clarity Enhanced diamonds are priced as much as 40-50% below the price of an equal grade non-enhanced diamond. This is because the selling price of an Enhanced diamond is based on its original value before enhancement, plus the minimal enhancement processing costs. The end result is the purchaser gets either a larger diamond for their money then they would have been able to get in an un-enhanced diamond, or pays less for the same size and quality diamond they originally ... more
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