What is continuous and Discontinuous child development?

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It is not to do with attachment. Continuous development is when a child gradually develops by adding new knowlegde and skills onto old knowledge and skills (e.g. like learning the piano Discontinuous development is when a child goes through clear stages and is less of a steady progression. There may appear to be a gap or sudden chnage in one's ability because discontinuous development suggests children develop in chunks (e.g. when a child goes from crawling to standing to walking, sometimes over night - one day they can do when yesterday they couldn't) Some people choose to believe either continuous or discontinuous development is the correct way of viewing it but in fact, they both provide insight into child development. Think of it like the butterfly life cycle. The first stage is egg, second, caterpillar, third cacoon and fourth butterfly. Each stage is discontinuous development but within the stages there is more steady, continuous development (e.g. more
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