What is difference between Opera Classic Installer, English (US) & International installers?

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1 Answer

Classic installer uses WISE installer. It is the best if you use only English, its a smaller download and you can install it without administrator privileges. English (US) is a MSI package. It better supports network installations & integrates Opera more with Windows, to better support Windows install, uninstall and upgrade. International is same as above but it has more language support. • Some images are not loading. Reduce Max connections to a server in Tools → Preferences... → Advanced → NetworkOriginally posted by yngve: 4 persistent connections to a server is usually enough, which is what Opera will use when 8 max to server is configured. My testing indicates that the optimum number of persistent connections to a server is either 4 or 8, and 4 is the "nicer" option. Some servers may refuse to establish more than a certain number of connections from a given client (or IP-address). • How to disable session restoring when Opera crashes? Use Opera Launcher [or] Create a batch file ... more
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