What is different between static IP and dynamic IP addressing?


What is different between static IP and dynamic IP addressing?

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Static IP addresses are set in your computer or other network device manually. It won’t change unless you change it manually.

Dynamic IP addresses are the exact opposite. They are assigned automatically by what is called a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server.Dynamic IP addresses change – your computer will be allocated different ones at different times.

 A Dynamic IP address is suitable if you have:

    1.several computers on an internal network with internet access on all of them – Dynamic IP addresses allow several devices to share limited address space
   2. a single computer that connects to your head office on a one-way Virtual Private Network

A Static IP address is suitable if you:

    1. run your own website
    2.run your own email server
    3.access a virtual private network from multiple PCs via a single broadband service
    4.run an FTP server
    5.use off-site server duplication
    6.use certain security applications, like centralised cameras and polling software..

If you want to find the static or dynamic network ip address of your system .Then visit sites like Ip-Details.com they will display your network ip address along with informations like ISP address ,country ,latitude ,lonigutde and so on .


A. Static IP address is an IP address that “permanently” assigned to the subscribers when they first sign up for their Internet Service. Dynamically allocated IP address is assigned to you temporarily when you connect to the Internet. The address has a pre-determined time limit.

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