What is Digital Nautical Chart (DNC®)?

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1 Answer

DNC® is a relational, vector-based digital database containing selected maritime features collected and attributed individually to support worldwide marine navigation and geographic information systems (GIS). The database is a digital replication of the feature content of NGA's portfolio of Harbor, Approach, Coastal, and General charts. U.S. chart coverage has been included in the DNC® folio so military systems have a uniform worldwide marine navigation database and weapons systems integration. The existing database consists of data captured from approximately 5,000 charts, which will allow global navigation between 84 degrees North and 81 degrees South. The DNC® database is divided into 29 Geographic Regions and is currently available on CD-ROM and via the NGA Gateway to U.S. military and government agencies. Civil access is through the web as it is planned to eventually phase out CD-ROM distribution of DNC®.
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