What is 'ExamQuest' and where can I get it?

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1 Answer

ExamQuest is a program, produced by Doublestruck Ltd, which contains hundreds of past paper questions from OCR examinations. There are versions available for three OCR Mathematics specifications, namely: • GCSE Maths A (Linear) • GCSE Maths C (Graduated Assessment) • GCE Maths (Core and Further Pure) On the ExamQuest website, teachers are able to download free trial versions of these programs. In the case of GCSE Maths C, the trial version includes a mock module M7 (50 marks). The GCSE Maths A version includes a higher tier calculator paper J512/04 (100 marks). The ExamQuest interface will be immediately familiar to secondary school teachers already using Doublestruck's Testbase software to create materials from the QCA's end of Key Stage tests. Go to the ExamQuest website. OCR is not responsible for the content of third-party websites. more
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