What is EZShield Plus?


EZShield Plus includes EZShield Check Fraud Protection Program® and Identity Restoration. EZShield Plus provides trained and certified fraud restoration specialists to assist customers in recovering from fraudulent activity against their identity and/or their checks. We help the customer recover any lost funds that resulted from their checks being altered or forged within 72 hours of a claim being validated. In addition, we will assist a customer to restore their identity to pre-theft status. • Can I get EZShield Plus for my business account as well? Yes. • Can I use any checks that I want to? Checks need to reflect either EZShield Check Fraud Protection mark/logo or the EZShield Plus mark/logo in order to be covered under the EZShield Check Fraud Protection Program. EZShield Identity Restoration is available to everyone on the checking account of the customer who purchased EZShield Plus. EZShield Identity Restoration will assist the customer in restoring their identity to pre-theft st